How To Win Slot Tournaments

How To Win Slot Tournaments

Win Slot Tournaments
Do’s and Don’ts To Win Slot Tournament
The Pros and The Cons of Slot Tournaments

How to Win Slot Tournaments

Believe it or not, playing in a slot tournament involves a strategy to place in the rankings to win slot tournaments prizes. Most players’ thinks it’s just a matter of hitting the spin button and hope for the best! Here are some guidelines to keep you informed and help you with your strategy.

  • How long is the slot tournament for; a couple hours vs a month
  • What is the Slot Tournament Fee; Free or a buy-in
  • How many bets to qualify to enter in the pool of rankings; usually you have to make at least one bet in order to be in the ranking where you will start to compete against the other players. Note once you make a rebuy, you usually have to place another bet before entering again into the tournament.
  • How many re-buys are allowed; some have unlimited, some only 1. This will guide you on how to place your bets as you will have to conserve your balance vs betting higher amounts.
  • What is your starting balance; some slot tournaments will give you only $50, but when you make a re-buy you will be awarded with a higher balance eg. $150 to play with.
  • What is the minimum balance before you can rebuy; sometime this can help you in that if the rebuy minimum is $5, when you make your re-buy and receive your $150 balance, you will now have a larger bank roll of $155 to make a larger bet for larger wins.
  • Important; the ranking is not usually reported in real time; in most cases they are refreshed ever 30-60 seconds. What this means is that if you appear to be in 1st position, it does not mean you will stay there as other players are constantly betting and when it finally refreshes, you are now in the 3rd position. Always keep an eye on the other players balance that is close to yours as this will guide you on if to keep betting or not and how much time is left on the slot tournament.

Do’s and Don’ts  To Win Slot Tournaments

  • Below are some quick points to keep in mind when preparing to play a slot tournament.
  • Do make sure you are in the lobby prior to the start time, it will give you that extra second you will need at the end
  • Do make sure you have the game already downloaded in the regular play lobby.
  • Do use the Max Bet button and Stop Spin buttons; it will increase your speed
  • Do make sure you have funds in your account if you plan to make a few re-buys
  • Do utilize the AutoPlay functionality, but ensure to stop when Jackpot is won
  • Do have a snack and water handy!
  • Don’t keep playing if your balance begins to fall, take a cool off period if you can time permitting
  • Don’t keep going back to the lobby to check what the leading balance is, time is important
  • Don’t log back in to the casino with a couple minutes before the end time as you may need time to increase your balance
  • Don’t forget to check the time zone for the start and end time

The Pros and The Cons of Slot Tournaments

    • You stand a greater chance of winning a prize a better chance of winning
    • Your bank roll will last much longer than in regular play
    • The slot tournament prizes can be greater for a small risk or in some cases even free on a Free Roll
    • More exciting with the competition element of seeing your ranking vs. your opponents
    • There is always a variety to choose from
  • The Cons of Slot Tournaments
    • You are playing again the clock instead of your own time
    • Some games chosen may not be the most popular game
    • Some of the rebuys can be expensive, this usually correlates to the Jackpot
    • You have to rely on a schedule if you like the slot tournament style and not on your own time frame
    • Time Zone for start and end time is usually EST Time Zone

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