Slots Machine

Slots Machine

Slot machines are by far the most know and most popular casino game.  The sounds of slot machines are easily identifiable when you enter a live casino with the ringing bells  and sounds of the slots as players press their luck.  All players are chasing the jackpot of the slot game they are playing.  They are thousands of different slot machine games  with different themes and sounds and colors.  Some have different number of reels, different paylines and various jackpot sizes.  Outlined below are further details about slot machine rules and variations with a few strategies to keep in mind when playing slots online or land base.


Slot Machine Rules

Of all the casino games to play, slot machines are the easiest to play.  Its as simple as putting your money into the slot machine, push a button or for the older machines pull a lever to spin the reels.  On each reel of a slot machine they are consisting of different symbols.  The object of the slot machine with these symbols is to get as many of them lined up in a row of the same symbol.  The other trick to having the symbols line up next to each other is to ensure they are in a pattern that is forms a pay line.  The Payline is usually displayed on the help or rules of the slot game.  Sometimes its also displayed at the top or bottom of the slot game screen.  If a player gets four BAR symbols they could hit the jackpot of the game.


Slots Machine Variations

As mentioned earlier their are thousands of slot machines to choose from.  They are usually broken down into 3-reel slots, 5-reel slots, bonus slots, progressive slots, video slots and traditional bar and cherry slots.

5-reel and 3 reel slots indicates the number of columns and reels on a machine.  3 symbols in a row are usually the 3-reel slot and 5-reel slots would have 5 reels and 3 columns.  Their are also a few 7-reel slots but they are not as common as the 3-reel or 5-reel slots.  On the machines you would see reference to something called payline which refers to the lines or patterns to form a winning combination.  The more traditional and older slot machines tends to payout on one line that is usually in the middle.  The newer and more popular machines allow for multiple payouts on all lines provided you have a winning combination.  Popular 3-reel slots include Crazy Cheery, Pay Dirt, Triple Triple Gold, Double Gold, and Triple Bar.   Some popular 5-Reel Slots include Golden Reels, Reel Deal, Amanda Panda, Agent Cash, Amazing 7’s and Hot Roller just to name a few.  more and more slot games can be found at Liberty Slots Casino or Miami Club Casino and Lincoln Casino.

Slot games that offer Bonus features are also known as bonus slots where a specific combination of symbols on specific reels will trigger a bonus prize part of slot games.  Slot games that offer these slot bonus features include Fat Cat, Cleopatra’s Pyramid, X Marks the Spot, Game Day and Safari.  These also can be found at either Lincoln Casino, Miami Club and Liberty Slots.

In additon to the bonus slots and traditional slots, some slot machines offer a progressive jackpot. Progressive Jackpots are known for a jackpot prize that accumulates as more and more players bet on the slot game.  Once a player matches the correct symbols to trigger the jackpot, the player would be awarded the progressive jackpot of the slot machine they are playing on.  Some of these progressive jackpot slot game prizes have reached prizes in the millions of dollars.  Some Popular progressive slot games  include Red White and Win, Pay Dirt, Mega Money Mine.  Be sure to review the payline rules as some progressive games also offer a percentage of the jackpot depending on the bet amount you take.


Slot Machine Odds

Slot machine odds determines the chances of winning on the said slot machine.  This is why its a good idea to review the slot machine first to ensure your chances of hitting a jackpot are good.  They are usually determined on the game as a payout percentage which is the amount of money that it bet on the machine and how much is payed out back to the player.  The higher the payout percentage to 100% the better it is for your chances to make back your bets on the slot machine.  Its easier to identify this payout percentage for online slots as most online casinos have their games independently audited to ensure fairness to its players.  This is usually posted on the casino’s website for all players to see and are usually the more reputable casinos to play at.


Slot Machine Strategy

When it comes to winning at slot machines one has to remember that the outcomes of these slot machines are all totally random and are not determined by how you press the spin button or pull the handle.  The only real slot machine strategy is to be educated and get the biggest bang for your buck.  What I mean is that some games only pay the max jackpots if you are doing the max bet on the game.  Do not waste your spins for a prize that will not be rewarding enough to build back up a substantial balance.  Another thing to note also is the number of pay lines.  Its better to play all pay lines than it is to increase your bet amount. You have a great chance of hitting a win with all pay lines enabled than you do with only 5 out of 20. Always remember to set your budget and try to stick to machines that will allow you to play for longer such as the penny and quarter slots in order to get the maximum for your spin.  Remember to always have fun and you will come out on top!


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